-Tribute to Michael Jackson-
My friend Marva (from out of town) and I took time out to pay our respects out in Encino and the Staples Center, where there were people from all over the globe attending both. We both took photos of the entire events of people's expressions etc. and it was all very special. My designer friend and I have the utmost respect for the Jackson family. My heart is hurt because I missed one of my own family member's funeral back in Jan. 09 and this is the first time that I'm speaking about it. On the passing of my family member and Michael, the impact hit me the same, but by trusting the Scriptures of GOD'S word is what I have to remind my self of.... that we will see them again. As the service went on, the words from Mr. Sharpton came across loud and clear and what he had shared with Michael's children was something that was needed to be said. I never knew about Marlon's twin. There is so much that will be said about their family. The good that we know about the Jackson will always be greater than the people who sow discord and I feel that they do not have a life of their own. The song Smile by Jermaine was done excellently and I know that it wasn't easy for him to do. Michael's Legacy will be with us forever and he will never be forgotten.

With Blessings to the Jackson's

Delroi Whitaker

Please click HERE to view my tribute slideshow to Michael and the Jackson family!

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